Aurora Post Office

    Project Description


    Aurora Post Office

    ESI was the Prime Contractor for this project which included the removal of existing asphalt and concrete pavement, subgrade repair, and Installation of new concrete pavement.

    The scope of work included ADA improvements to the concrete sidewalks at both entrances and installation of new striping and signage. This project was completed at an operational postal facility and had to be coordinated over 4 phases to keep operations going for the Postal Service. This included 24 hour delivery and access along with access for customers who were dropping off and picking up mail. Originally designed in 7 phases, ESI worked closely with the facility manager to reduce this to 4 phases.

    This project was slated to finish 1 month ahead of original completion date, but early winter weather, USPS holiday shutdowns, the COVID pandemic and several design changes from the facility pushed projects completion out.

    Client: United States Postal Service (USPS)

    Location: Aurora, CO

    Completed: December 2020

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