Commerce City Asphalt Mill & Overlay

    Project Description


    Commerce City Asphalt Mill & Overlay

    The 2020 Asphalt Mill and Overlay project consisted of 2” mill and overly and full reclamation of roadways.

    Road crew milling earth to prepare for new road

    Mill & Overlay included milling out 2” of asphalt including 11 speed humps totaling 140,915 SY of milling. The roads included: Holly St., Monaco St., E. 62nd Pl., E. 62nd Way, E. 62nd Ave., Gifford Dr., E. 61st Pl., E. 61st Ave., Niagra St., Oneida St., Olive St., Poniac St., Porter Way, Poplar Pl., E. 63rd Ave., E. 60th Pl., Colorado Blvd., E. 87th Ave., Ulster St., E. 86th Ave., E. 84th Ave., E. 83rd Ave., E. 81st Ave., E. 96th Ave., E. 81st Ave. The overlay portion of the job totaled 18,113 tons of asphalt.

    The full reclamation portion of the job included milling 4” of existing asphalt and then reclaiming 2” of asphalt and 4” of subgrade. 2” of material was hauled off and subgrade was processed to finish subgrade elevation. Asphalt was placed in 2 lifts, bottom lift was 4” HMA (SG)(75)(PG 58-28) and top lift was 2” HMA (SX)(75(PG58-28) The roads included: East 64th Ave, North Sand Creek Trail, & Tamarac St. The Project was nominated for two CAPA awards for the Reclamation of 64th Ave and a second award for the full Mill and overlay project. ESI self-performed 87% of the work with its own personnel and completed one month ahead of original scheduled completion date.

    Client: City of Commerce City

    Location: Commerce City, CO

    Completed: October 2020


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