Cherry Creek Spillway Channel Maintenance

    Project Description


    Cherry Creek Spillway Channel Maintenance

    ESI was the Prime Contractor to clean up the emergency spillway for Cherry Creek reservoir of 100 years of sediment and growth.

    The Cherry Creek spillway during excavation with a dozer parked.

    The scope of work included the excavation of approximately 250,000 yards of sloughed sediment from the banks of the 2-mile spillway and haul to a stockpile with several haul trucks. ESI crews also installed drainage culverts in the Cherry Creek State Park and rip rap lined ditches. Other scope of work included the installation of underdrains to move ground water from under the mile long aggregate roadway to the v-ditch which conveys the water to a lift station that was installed the ESI crews.

    Crews had to over-excavate the bottom of the ditch (50,000 CY) and then backhauled the material and placed suitable material in the over-excavated areas. Extensive dewatering was required to keep the haul road dry and safe to travel on. Topsoil and seeding was also required for approximately 65 acres. Additional quantities of over-excavated unsuitable material was found due to the over growth. ESI self-performed 96% of the work with its own personnel and finished the project 2 months ahead of the contractual completion date.

    Client: US Army Corps of Engineers

    Location: Aurora, CO

    Completed: July 2021


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