North Metro Rail Line

    Project Description


    North Metro Rail Line

    This project consisted of water and sanitary mains and services for 6 light rail stations including over 1000 LF of steel encased water lines, storm installation for 3 stations.

    Detention pond grading and storm water control features for 2 station ponds and a City of Thornton pond known as the Riverdale pond. The work also included 3 major bores two of which crossed beneath the big Burlington ditch to connect an 8 inch water main to provide water service to the 72nd station and a 60 inch RCP bore beneath Colorado Blvd to connect drainage to the 104th station. Work included the widening of York Street to provided traffic access to the 112th station. Other work performed included providing concrete encasement to protect the H pile supports where the rail line crosses the Platte River.

    This work required a river diversion (cofferdam) utilizing the Port-a-dam system. Other work included the relocation of a 12 inch waterline and a 12 inch sludge line for the city of Thornton. ESI was also contracted to construct 6 driver relief stations and the placement and finishing the concrete at all 6 of the stations platforms. We self-performed 75% of the work for the entire contract and it was a 4 year project from start to finish for ESI.

    Client: Regional Rail Partners

    Location: Adams and Denver Counties

    Completed: September 2020


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